TCCC Group Retro

Over the past 5 years, we have returned an average of 35% of our members’ L&I premiums. See if you qualify and/or compare your current program to ours.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our first-rate retrospective rating program. Our select retro program has grown slowly and carefully over the last 20 years and benefits from a well diversified, outstanding group of companies. Most of our members are engaged in commercial construction and demand service that helps insure their experience rating is maintained below the State average for their industry. In our group you will consistently enjoy better than average insurance rates, successful bid outcomes and optimum retro returns. -Aimee Bergeson Chairman TCCC Retro Board

Contact Tim Lundin at or (206) 664-7256 to learn more about why we are unique and if you qualify to establish a partnership.

Retrospective Rating Programs

Retrospective Rating Programs, also known as “Retro,” are safety incentive programs offered by Washington L&I that offers refunds of L&I premiums for workers’ compensation insurance as a reward for creating safe work environments.

Every business is looking for ways to decrease costs and increase productivity. Creating safe work environments and effectively managing workers’ compensation claims boosts both productivity and your bottom line. Safe companies pay lower L&I workers compensation insurance premiums and earn refunds from L&I through retrospective rating programs. It’s the way Labor & Industry rewards business leaders for doing what’s right.

Our approach is simple: prevent injuries before they happen through proven safety programs, actively manage every claim to get the injured employee back to work, and guide our members in managing the human side of safety by driving employee engagement. Consistently we show that engaged employees are more productive, get injured less, and get back to work faster than those who are disengaged. We specialize in managing the whole situation, not just the claim.

Claims Management – Powered by Archbright™

“We provide comprehensive claims management that exceeds “claims assistance” or “claims support”. Peace of mind can be realized in the knowledge that we are working diligently and doing everything possible to insure successful results.”

-Lloyd Brooks WWCP, Director, Claims Services

“In any claim there are numerous steps that have to happen and it was only through your hard work that we were able to get this through the state system as quickly as we have. Had you not worked as hard and as quickly as you did, this claim could very well have ended up in a long drawn out expensive process.”

-Human Resources Manager, Member Company

If a workers’ compensation claim isn’t managed effectively the consequences can be expensive and lasting. The sooner a claim is managed following an injury, the better the outcome will be for both the employer and the injured employee. If left unmanaged, even small claims can unnecessarily escalate into large losses.

Every member is provided a safety/loss-control professional, a claims analyst, a senior claims manager, and a claims assistant. This team is backed by several in-house employment attorneys, senior HR professional, and an in-house medical consultant with over 20 years prior nursing experience including 15 as a nurse practitioner.

Our goal is to keep costs down while ensuring appropriate care for the injured employee. Our approach of accident prevention and light duty return-to-work, with Stay-at-Work reimbursement from L&I, early intervention and ongoing management of all claims protects the employer’s interests and ensures that our team can effectively manage problems before they spiral out of control. We will represent your interests before the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals and, if necessary, assign the claim a workers’ compensation attorney at no additional cost.

Here are ten ways our Workers’ Compensation Claims Management is different:

  1. We are the most credentialed Retro claims management team in Washington
  2. We have nine claims managers with over 115 years collective experience
  3. We have 4 full time in-house employment law attorneys who support our claims management team
  4. We have six full time safety professionals who specialize in safety programs and compliance
  5. We respond quickly to claims, within 24 hours of claim notification, to minimize costs and expedite claims management intervention
  6. We consistently deliver refunds to all managed groups-over $133 million dollars
  7. We proactively manage every claim and work directly with the attending physician and L&I
  8. We receive and prioritize all L&I correspondence, drive claims forward, and advise on status and action items
  9. We provide payroll services that are easy to access for data needed to manage claims and secure Stay-at-Work Program revenue
  10. As of September 2014 we have recovered over $2,600,000 for our members through L&I’s Stay-at-Work Program

Contact Tim Lundin at or (206) 664-7256 to learn more.

Safety and Loss Control

Workplace safety is critical to protecting your employees. With the right planning and training, you can avoid injuries to your employees and contract workers, prevent dangerous workplace activities, and give your team the knowledge and tools to help them keep your workplace accident-free. Keeping the safety of your employees top-of-mind will help save your organization thousands of dollars in workers compensation claims and keep your people performing and productive.

“I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how very happy I have been working with your team. Our claims manager has consistently gone out of her way to help me when working with our employees and has made the entire L&I claims process much easier and more manageable. I am exceptionally impressed at her quick response times especially regarding critical information. Our program has never been so well run nor have we experienced this level of professionalism before joining Archbright™.”

-Training Director & Safety Manager, Skilled Labor Company


All Group Retro members of Tri City Construction Council have access to on-call support for safety questions as a part of membership. Our Total Account Management strategy combines preventive safety programs, effective claims management, and improved employee engagement resulting in fewer injuries and increased productivity. Rely on our expert safety team for:

  • Onsite Safety / Loss Control Services
  • Risk Management Solutions
  • Onsite Needs Assessments
  • Comprehensive Baseline and Performance Analyses
  • Programs to Build Safety Awareness
  • Policy Assessments
  • Safety Flex – Onsite Staff Assistance
  • Information Resources
  • Safety Tools and Quick Focus Training Tools
  • Monthly Safety Teleconferences
Retro Brochure and Authorization Form

Since 2007, Archbright™ (formerly Washington Employers) has consistently delivered excellent claims management and has become our trusted go-to-solution for all of our members’ Workers’ Compensation needs.

The Tri-City Construction Council originally contacted Archbright™ because we were looking for a strategic partner we could rely on to deliver on the promise of great claims management, safety consultation & workshops, and great customer service – something we had struggled to receive from previous providers.

Since 2007, Archbright™ has consistently delivered on that promise and has become our trusted go-to-solution for all of our members’ Workers’ Compensation needs. What makes Archbright™ different is that they manage Workers’ Compensation from a holistic approach. They know from years of experience that not every complicated and expensive claim is solely a “safety” issue. In fact, most often than not, it is a “people” issue. The folks at Archbright™ offer a unique combination of outstanding HR Advice & Council and best-in-class Workers’ Compensation Services to support our retro program.

Archbright™ is the go-to resource for employers in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. At our core, we offer HR Advice and Legal Counsel through annual membership. Our focus is helping companies elevate workplace performance—by helping you be compliant with the hundreds of employment laws and build a more engaged workforce.

With three membership levels to choose from, employers can align our services with their needs and budget. Benefits may include access to our HR Hotline, On-Call Safety Advice, our online HR Toolkit, Employment Law and Labor Law advice, Compensation Survey Data, and more. Members can also purchase additional services that span every stage of the employer-employee relationship, including HR Consulting, Employee and Leadership Training, Payroll, Retirement Programs, Safety & Workers’ Compensation, Organization Development and Labor Relations. And all at a price and quality unmatched in the market place!

We encourage all of our members to consider learning more about Archbright™ at